Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is a relaxing treatment that can be a full body treatment or covering specific areas such as back, neck and shoulders, arm and hand, legs and feet or any combination desired. Pressure can be varied to suit each individual, this will be discussed during consultation and throughout treatment. Swedish Massage is a great treatment for reducing both physical and emotional stress.

Remedial & Sports Massage

Remedial and Sports massage is a deeper massage which involves work on the soft tissue with various techniques. 

A complex consultation and assessment is carried out to establish the cause of pain, restriction to movement and problematic areas. 

This treatment can benefit everyone and can improve conditions such as;

Carpal Tunnel
Neck pain
Tennis / Golfers Elbow
Plantar Fasciitis
Shoulder pain
Thoracic outlet syndrome

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is a relaxing treatment which is great for reducing headaches, migraines and general neck tension.  Techniques used focus on the acupressure points on the face and scalp.  This treatment can be carried out full clothed and seated or on the massage couch.


Reflexology is a complementary health therapy suitable for almost all.
Reflexology helps to restore the body's natural balance 
by working on specific points on the feet. 
Each treatment will be tailored to the individual 

This treatment can improve conditions such as;

Hormonal imbalances
Headache / migraine
Digestive complaints

and so much more.....